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American Geoscience

Earth Notes 

summaries of interesting and timely information about Earth and Earth scientists

Environmental Slide Show

Power Point  presentation related to our environmental awarness  series :

Earth Science World Image Bank  

Here you’ll find images categorized into geoscience areas.

Nasa Earth observatory

your source for monitoring regional and global changes on our planet through image and stories

Earth Matters

Earth is an amazing planet, and the one that matters most to us.Let’s have a conversation about it.

Climate Q&A

about the science of global warming and climate change.

Climate Ark Climate Change and Global Warming Portal
Earth gauge
earth wire climate
NOAA News Releases
Environmental Science

understanding our chaging earth :

AGU-American geoscion Union
national geograpic
the Guardian

Stars, Stellar Systems & Nebulae

loads of facts, information and images

Mysteries of Deep Space

examines the unexplained, from black holes to supernovas

Star Journey

journey through the stars with National Geographic


information and images

Understanding the Universe

take a star-studded tour of galaxies

Atlas of the Universe

detailed, and with zoom in/out

The Solar System

 StarDate Online page

Comet Information

Questacon page with info, links and activities

NASA  Planetary

Asteroids and Comets

comets, asteroids, meteors with facts and images


student exploratory  and development space


Space link

National Space Society
International Space University


Natural History museum space

Space Frontier Foundation
The Planetary Society
Nasa Origin
Famous Astronomer
History of Space Exploration

timeline from 1957 – 1999

Another space history timeline
NASA for Kids

information about space,rockets, astronauts with search engine & games

Star Child 

another NASA page for kids with highlights of space travel, many links

Interplanetary Exploration

details of past, current and future space missions

The Explorers

all the latest space news

Explore the Universe

a guide to astronomywith facts, dictionary and links


info and news on astronomy, spaceresearch, space flight & earth sciences

Understanding Origins

explains theories of origin of earth, universe and everything

Deep Sky Glossar

definitions of terms related to deep sky astronomy

Amazing Space 

information, news, links

Your Weight on Other Worlds

find out what you would weigh on other planets

Strange Stuff Explained

Stephen Hawkung’s page, bit complex but fascinating

Celestial Atlas of 1708

 with astrological characters

Space Central

 – Speaking of Hubble

HubbleSite NewsCenterNasa Rss feed
Nasa spitzer space

Solar System

Solar System Exploration News
Virtual Solar System

discover the wonders of our solar system in spectacular 3-D

The Solar Space Station
The Nine Planets

a multimedia tour of the solar system
Planetary Fact Sheets 

You want facts? Here they all are!

Solar System Guide

StarDate Online page with lots of information and links

Welcome to the Planets

a large collection of images from JPL

Moon Illusion

demonstrates the illusion of the moon seeming larger on the horizon

Solar System Links

an amazing collection of links to solar system images & information

The Planets  


More   Miscellaneous   Resources

Time Zone Converter

find out the time anywhere in the world

Behind the News 

ABC TV looks at the stories behind this week’s news

Savage Earth

fascinating information about Earth’s natural disasters

Canberra Organic Gardeners
Australian Geological Survey Organisation 

maps, surveys, seismic data, library

Awesome Library  

organizes the Web with 37,000 carefully reviewed resources, including the top 5 percent in education.

Ask Jeeves  

ask here everything about geography etc

Discovery Education  

Free Student Resources

Geography for kids
Human Development Index
EducationResourse Information System



Of     Current      Interest                                


 Disaster Page 

Detailed, fact filled page on Tsunamis and earthquakes from Tsunami researcher

Geological Dictionary

Excellent resource! Find out what all those geological terms mean 

Natural Disasters

Learn about all types of natural disasters from this FEMA site

Dozens of links to great sites with useful info on many aspects of weather


facts, how they are formed and details of Mount St Helens

How Volcanoes Work

information about Volcanoes with great images

Enchanted Learning page with information, diagrams and links to further information

Newsround page with information about causes, effects and types of volcanoes, as well as facts and pics

Famous Volcano Information

lists 17 of the most famous and devastating volcanoes

A fascinating site with pics, movies and loads of information
Earthquake Facts

some interesting facts

Weather Wiz Kids page with information, maps, diagrams and an earthquake animation

FEMA Earthquakes

earthquake information, maps, legends and games


earthquake and volcano facts and information

How Earthquakes Work

Information and images

12 of the Most Destructive Earthquakes
Earthquake in Indonesia

news report of the earthquake in Indonesia in November 2009

Earthquake in Pakistan & Afghanistan 2009

information about the earthquake in the Hindu Kush region in October 2009

China Earthquake 2008

news reports of the devestating earthquake in China in 2008   more here   and  here

Flood Facts

what causes floods, interesting facts and how to stay safe
All about Floods

types, causes, damage done, prevention and case studies
How Hurricanes Work

information on how hurricanes form, parts of a hurricane, categories, damage and images

All About Hurricanes

information, classification, tracking, causes, history  and even a game 


hurricane information, what happens in a hurricane, categories and names
10 Most Destructive Hurricanes in Recent Times
Hurricane Katrina Facts

links to dozens of sites including newspaper articles, blogs, photographs and maps
Hurricane Kartrina Information

comments and photos

growth, development and structure of a hurricane, with images
What is a Hurricane

Weather Wiz Kids site with information, images, diagrams and links to other natural disasters 
Causes of Tsunamis

featuring causes, damage, facts and images with links to other natural disasters

How Tsunamis Work

classification. formation and footage of tsunamis
What causes Tsunamis

page from Geology.com with information, diagrams, maps, pics and fascinating links

Killer Wave Tsunami

interesting information on formation and an eye witness account, some distracting games top and bottom

Deadliest Tsunami

details of the 2004 tsunami in the Indian Ocean  more here Samoa Tsunami

news item about the tsunami that struck Samoa in September 2009  more  here   and  here 

All about Avalanches

frequently asked questions with lots of pictures
How Avalanches Work

properties of snow, avalanche formation and lots more with fascinating pics

Tornado Facts

Tornado Guide

loads of information on causes, how they form and types with stunning pics


Infoplease site with facts about tornadoes and links

Types of Tornadoes

a look at different shapes and sizes of tornadoes


cause and effects of cyclones

Cyclone Tracy

facts and video clip


Weather Wiz Kids page with details about wildfires, pictures, glossary and links
Firestorms of 1871

describes the apocalyptic firestorm in Wisconsin & Michigan

Bushfire Weather

Bureau of Meteorology site with info on causes and effects of bushfires with maps, diagrams and links

Bushfires Clearly Explained

what they are, how they occur, control and details of major Australian bushfires

Bushfires in Australia

how they start, effects, control and benefits

Canberra Bushfires of 2003

details of the devastating bushfires from ABC radio site with images and links


Web Weather for Kids

Learn what makes weather wet and wild, do cool activities, and become hot at forecasting the weather

Weather Wizz Kids

Site designed by US meteorologist especially for kids to learn about weather with loads of links

The Weather Dude
Make Your Own Weather Station

Easy to follow instructions for making a number of weather instruments.  More ideas on making weather measuring instruments HERE,   HERE andHERE
Sky Diary    Info on tornadoes, lightning, hurricanes and storm chasing with lots of links and pics

BBC Weather

Alphabetically listed information on a number of weather related topics

Fun Weather Facts

some interesting and quirky weather facts, with links to

clouds,cyclonesCyclone Tracy and many more

Weather Words 

Bureau of Meteorology page with explanations of many weather terms

Explore Weather

Entry point to this Dorling Kindersley site is a search engine leading to lots of information and fascinating pictures
Weather Facts for Kids

Information on weather, atmosphere, clouds, thunder & lightning, forecasting and more
Mr Kish’s Weather Facts Page

Over 100 interesting facts about all sorts of weather
Weather Facts

Information about rainbows, snowflakes, clouds, water cycle, seasons and more

Gungahlin Weather Centre

More facts and figures about weather
Let’s Weather Together 

Page from PlanetPals with some information, pics and even a quiz
Clouds R Us

   loads of info with a drop down alphabetical menu to make searching easier
Cloud Types

All about clouds – their properties, height and what they mean for our weather. More about cloudsHERE and HERE
ThinkQuest Weather Resources

A range of sites specially constructed to give information about weather
Disaster Page 

Detailed, fact filled page on Tsunamis and earthquakes from Tsunami researcher
Natural Disasters

Learn about all types of natural disasters from this FEMA site
The Water Cycle

page from Enchanted Learning with loads of links to other related topics
More about the Water Cycle



Comprehensive website that explores of all the diferent type of weather from hurricanes to weather stoms

Learning Language                                                                  


Alat Terjemahan  teks dan halaman web apa saja

ke dalam Bahasa Anda

Offers free translation dictionary for more than

sixteen languages, including Spanish, French, German,

Latin, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Danish,

Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, Indonesian, Swahili, and Hungarian.
Language Guide.Org 
A collaborative project to develop interactive,

sound-integrated language learning    resources


Guides beginning Arabic learners through easy-to-follow

audio lessons and introduces common Arabic vocabulary,

the alphabet, numbers, greetings, and writing in Arabic.

French for Beginners

Teaches basic French vocabulary, pronunciation,

the alphabet, grammar, c’est and il est, pronouns,

adjectives, and verb conjugation.

The French Tutorial             

Sharpens French skills with text and audio tutorials

on vocabulary, verb conjugation, pronunciation,

and conversational French.

German Language          

 Addresses achievements in German literature, film,

music, and art, as well as lessons in speaking and

reading German.

German-English Dictionary
Offers a comprehensive German-English dictionary.


n-Line Greek Lesson

Supplements lessons on Greek vocabulary,

pronunciation, and grammar with tutorials on writing

with the Greek alphabet.

Allen and Greenough Latin Grammar
Addresses Latin words and forms, syntax,

and prosody with a complete online Latin textbook.

Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid 
Assists with Latin verb conjugation and declension

and features a 15,000-word dictionary.

Latin-English Dictionary

Enriches the study of Latin with an inclusive

Latin-English dictionary and translator.

Latin Word List
Browse through more than 8,000 words and

phrases with this Latin dictionary.

Portuguese Links
Collects resources on Portuguese vocabulary,

grammar, pronunciation, and conversation,

as well as provides information on Portuguese and

Brazilian culture.

Spanish Flashcards
Highlights common Spanish vocabulary,

the alphabet, pronunciation, ser and estar,

por and para, greetings, and reflexive and

subjunctive verbs with interactive flashcards and


Spanish Lessons for Beginners  
Spanish Language Homepage 
Presents advanced Spanish learners with a

Spanish dictionary, vocabulary word of the day,

and the only online Spanish etymology database.

Site in Spanish.

Here is some great review of key

earth science topic (bisa di download)

RegentsReview PowerPoint   

great review of key earth science topic.

These files require PowerPoint to be installed


Download the Global History & Geography

Powerpoint slide show

A Quick Summary of Earth Science   

Provides a quick summary of the entire year

Great Earth Science Review Topics   

Contains a great review of the entire year.

Earth Science Reference Tables (ESRT)
Susan Wells (Earth Science)


ICT education

Bibliography of Indonesia Geology and this


The Earth relief | Lithosphere  and

this internet geography

Plate Tectonics Underlies All Earth History

Geoscience Data Catalog

Teaching About the Ocean System

Using New Research Techniques: Data, Models and

Visualization   Topical Resources
check this link also, may be useful for u guys

and this , PT Geoatlas Indonesia, mineral and


the walter library

RESGI  resource for earth science and

geography instruction

contain Link which are organized alphabetically

arround the sequence of topics typically taught in

an introductory earth science or physical geography class

Education National geograpic

home to rich and diverse resources that have

enormous potential to support learning

Educational resource
see this : Volcano Spews Ash and Rocks on

Indonesia’s Sulawesi

DeLicious AGIEducation
National geography— geolyteracy

Additional Miscellaneous Resources

AP(AdvancedPlacement) Central: 

  • Maping — More Maps and Mapping Tools

National geograpic mapping

Indonesia Map world atlas.com

Indonesia Map- Indonesia satellite image

World Mineral Map 

shows the distribution of mineral deposits in different

parts of the world

Learn More About Mapping


Encyclopedic Entry


Encyclopedic Entry


Encyclopedic Entry 


Selected geography Teacher-Created Web Sites :


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