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Impact Craters on Earth

Compared with other planets, impact craters are rare surface features on Earth. There are two main reasons for the low number of craters. One is that our atmosphere burns up most meteoroids before they reach the surface. The other reason is that Earth’s surface is continually active and erases the marks of craters over time. The picture is the Barringer Meteorite Crater found in Arizona. It was probably formed about 50,000 years ago when an iron meteorite struck the Earth’s surface. Many other large craters are found in Australia, Canada and Africa.source: windows to the universe

This is the Barringer Meteor Crater in Arizona.Barringer Meteor crater in northern Arizona about 60 miles east of Flagstaff. The crater is 4000 feet in diameter and about 550 feet deep. Admission to the privately owned crater was $15 per person. A meteor
  made of nickel and iron,
  150 feet wide,
  weighed about 300,000 tons, and
  moving about 11 miles per second
hit here about the year 47000 BC. The force generated by its impact was equal to the explosion of 20 million tons of TNT. Notice that the width of the hole in the ground was 27 times wider than the meteor.http://www.whoburns.com/steve/gcanyon2.htm
source : windows to the universe

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